How to Dress for Your Alabaster Complexion

Identify where your alabaster complexion falls in the season chart.

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When dressing according to your skin color, take the seasons into account. Every skin color is connected to a season. Winter complexions tend to be yellow, olive or dark-skinned. Spring skin tones have fairly white or creamy complexions with some freckles. Summer complexions include pink and pale skinned with blue and pink undertones. Autumn complexions have smooth golden, honey undertones usually belonging to redheads. Individuals with alabaster complexions who are fair-skinned with light-colored hair or eyes are often considered either "spring" or "autumn" complexions. With the right guidance, you can shop in your closet and select the best wardrobe that complements your complexion.

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Warm colors, such as gold, yellow and peach work well for spring complexions. To spice up an outfit, women can wear lively, bright colors originated from warm undertones. They should also wear hints of gold in these colors to bring out their complexions. These colors shine the most in either flowery prints and solids in the forms of dresses and skirts. Men can wear T-shirts and polo shirts in light colors, such as ivory and pastels such as baby blue.

Dressy Wear for Spring Alabaster Complexions

When dressing up for work or an event, both women and men with alabaster complexions should avoid wearing too many dark colors. If they choose to wear dark suits, their blouses or shirts must be accent colors such as red, blues or greens. For ties, they should wear lively colors that are mixed with neutral shades of tans and olives to smoothen the appearance.

Casual Wear for Autumn Alabaster Complexions

People with autumn alabaster complexions should wear medium-toned colors such as reddish brown, forest green and eggshell. These colors work well with sweater dresses, turtle necks and hoodies. Women can even wear these colors for boots and shoes. When selecting a jacket, both men and women can wear brown, black or beige.

Dressy Wear for Autumn Alabaster Complexions

Both men and women with autumn alabaster complexions can wear navy blue, warm grays, olives and browns. Women can wear dress shirts that are eggshell or jewel colored, such as ruby, emerald or sapphire. When selecting ties for special occasions, men can wear rich, warm shades of oranges, plums, passion reds or turquoise. Neither men nor women should ever wear pastel colors or pure whites. They will make autumn alabaster complexions appear too pale, sickly or washed out.

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