LSDA Dead Bolt Removal

Deadbolt locks are available in many designs requiring detailed instructions to remove or install.

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It is not immediately apparent how to access the screws that hold together the Locksmith Dealers of America dead bolt mechanism. But once you find them, you can begin removing the lock. The locks are not overly complicated or difficult to install or remove. The process requires few tools that are readily available and very little time of your time. You do not need mechanical expertise to install or remove the lock.

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Locate the small notch on the edge of the decorative faceplate. Slip a small screwdriver into the notch; pull back on the handle using the door as resistance to pry off the faceplate.


Insert a 5/64-inch Allen wrench into the small hole next to the dead bolt and loosen the set screw without removing it.


Push the door key halfway into the lock cylinder and turn it counterclockwise; this will unscrew the cylinder from the dead bolt lock assembly.


Remove the two Phillips head screws inside the lock cylinder cavity that attach the thumb lock to the bolt assembly. Pull the thumb lock off the door.


Find the screws inside the hole where the thumb lock was located; unscrew them to remove the front part of the dead bolt from the rest of the dead bolt assembly.


Take out the four screws fastening the plate on the edge of the door where the deadbolt extends through and pull the dead bolt straight out.

Non-removable Faceplate1

Insert a straightened paperclip into the hole on the side of the thumb lock to release the thumb lock knob. Pull the thumb lock straight off the door.


Push a small flathead screwdriver underneath the edge of the thumb lock cover plate and the door; pry off the plate.


Remove the two Phillips head screws and pull the outside and the inside dead bolt assemblies from the door.


Open the door and remove the two screws that attach the dead bolt latch plate to the edge of the door. Slide the dead bolt assembly from the door.

Tips & Warnings

Have a flashlight available to locate the pinholes and small screw heads inside the dead bolt assembly.

Take the dead bolt lock to the hardware store to guarantee that you replace it with the correct lock.

Take note of the way the dead bolt parts are disassembled to make for simpler re-assembly.

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