Anti Aging - Skin Care For Youthful Looking Skin

Anti aging is a bit of a misnomer and I've yet to meet anyone who has turned back the hands of time. However, as we age our skin becomes depleted of nourishment and hydration which leads to pre-mature skin aging. Anti aging skin care products are formulated to renew and reclaim our youthful appearance. Through a combination of hydration, protection with antioxidants, and anti wrinkle creams and moisturizers, those of us in the baby-boomer stage of life can add years to aging or damaged skin.

Anti aging skin care begins with several fundamentals we should all follow together with the use of effective skin care products. Diet, fitness and health, together with maintaining proper hydration for healthy cell membranes and a bit of scientific "know-how", allows us to look years younger, slow or halt pre-mature aging, improve suppleness and smoothness, and somewhat "turn back the hands of time".

Enlarged pores create havoc on the face. A result of heredity, clogged pores, or excessive oils, enlarged pores accumulated dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Often they lead to rough skin, bacterial infections, blemishes, swelling and irritation, inflammation, or acne and rosacea. Daily and effective cleansing usually helps reduce pore size and irrigates bacteria-laden pores. Light use of makeup or using mineral makeup that does not irritate the skin and cause inflammation are recommended.

Many skin care products use either Emu oil or Alpha Hydroxy crystals to clean bacteria and reduce pore size. Both are effective active ingredients and when used in concert, help clean and clear your complexion and make skin pores smaller.

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