Spider veins especially facial spider viens

Spider veins are generally the result of several common occurrences - weight gain, pregnancy, having work responsibilities that require you to be on your feet a lot, or often from sun exposure - especially facial spider viens.

Considered a result of damaged or weak veins and capillaries, spider veins occur when damaged valves allow blood flow to get in, but not get out. Weight gain and gravity complicate the problem and in some respects may contribute to the problem. Anti aging skin care focuses on two results. One, healing or strengthening the vessel walls.

There are several active ingredients considered useful in helping the vessels and restoring healthy walls, but Vitamin k is consider the most effective currently. Two, you can cover them up. Repairing spider veins usually requires a spider veins cream or a spider veins treatment. In fact, I had several facial spider veins removed from below my eyes and at the top of my nose with laser treatment - the result of too many days in the Florida sun growing up, per my dermatologist.

But, I have had great success using a cream enriched with Vitamin K and have experienced measurable and noticeabole clearing since use. But, back to covering them up. Many folks have begun using spray-on pantyhose (men and women) to add some tint and color to their legs as the warmer seasons approach.

Many spray-ons are formulated to not run when wet or to give you a weird coloring. Often available in a variety of shades, they can be chosen to give you a hint of color that matches your body without being noticeable.

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