Care of Hand-woven Cotton Place Mats

Hand-woven place mats can enhance the look of your table.

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Hand-woven cotton place mats sound more fragile than they really are. Cotton is a very sturdy material that withstands everyday wear and tear better than many other fabrics. Don’t be afraid to use your cotton place mats on a regular basis. Caring for your hand-woven cotton place mats is fairly easy, since they are machine washable and dryable.

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Check the label on the back of the place mat for any care instructions. Follow these instructions to avoid damaging the place mats.


Treat any stains on the place mats with a stain remover before you wash the mats. Dab the stain remover onto the stains, and rub gently to loosen them.


Wash the place mats with your regular detergent in a washing machine. Set the water temperature to cold to keep the colors from fading or bleeding.


Dry the place mats in a clothes dryer on a low heat setting to keep them from shrinking. Remove them from the dryer immediately after the cycle is finished, and flatten them with your hands to prevent wrinkles.


Remove stubborn wrinkles by ironing the place mats. Set the iron to a medium-hot temperature, or around 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

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