Types of Worsted Fabric

Worsted fabric will keep you warm in the winter.

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Worsted fabric is cloth made of worsted yarn. Fabric manufacturers create worsted fabric by spinning long, fine, combed wool or wool-blend fibers into yarn. They then weave the worsted yarn into strong, durable fabric. Worsted fabric feels smooth because the yarn fibers are the same length. You can wear different clothing throughout the year.

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Gabardine can be made of wool, or blended with cotton, rayon or polyester. This worsted fabric feels hard to the touch since it is tightly woven. You can wear gabardine business suits throughout the year, although suits that are only made of wool may feel too warm in hot weather. Raincoats, shirts and uniforms are often made of gabardine. Gabardine may look shiny after you wear it for a long period of time. This fabric, however, is durable, so you can wear it for months or even years before it wears out. You must avoid wrinkling gabardine clothing because it can be difficult to iron.

Worsted Flannel

Worsted flannel is a closely woven fabric that clothing manufacturers make into coats, suits, jackets, pants, skirts and dresses. Worsted flannel feels hard to the touch but you can wear it comfortably. This fabric looks professional since you can iron it easily, and it holds any creases that you may create with your iron.


Sharkskin is a lightweight fabric that is woven out of white or colored yarn. This fabric looks and feels smooth. You can wear sharkskin jackets, suits and sportswear during the spring and summer, because it is not as heavy as some other . You can wear sharkskin while working outdoors as it does not get stained easily.


Serge is a durable cloth that feels smooth and hard. Clothing made out of serge will last for a long period of time, but once it becomes worn it will look shiny. Clothing manufacturers use serge when they make sportswear, suits and coats. This fabric clings to your body, so you can tailor an item of serge clothing if it does not fit properly when you purchase it.

Tropical Worsteds

Tropical worsted fabric is woven from a blend of wool and synthetic yarn, such as polyester. Before cloth manufacturers weave the yarn, they twist it tightly so air can circulate through the fabric. Because this type of fabric is breathable and lightweight, you can wear it during hot weather and in tropical climates. You can tailor coats and suits that are made out of tropical worsted fabric.

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