What Can Be Used to Get a Wrinkled and Rolled Rug to Lay Flat?

Rugs require care and maintenance to prevent and remove wrinkles.

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Rugs develop wrinkles and creases from foot traffic, furniture and general wear and tear. Wrinkled rugs not only detract from the appearance of the rug, they are dangerous in that they cause people to trip and fall. It is important to address wrinkles as promptly as possible. Persistent wrinkles are more difficult to remove and they eventually compromise the quality of the rug.

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A new carpet of rug may incur creases and wrinkles while being transported in your car on the way home from the store. Rolling the rug up and then unrolling a new rug or carpet properly helps to prevent wrinkles and creases. Lay the carpet on the floor and rub the rug with your hand to determine which direction the nap runs in. Roll the carpet as tightly as you can with the nap facing you. Roll the rug as straight as possible. Slowly unroll the smoothing it down with your hand as go. It helps to enlist a friend and extra pair of hands during this process.


Using steam and heat is one of the best ways to remove stubborn and persistent wrinkles. Remove isolated wrinkled areas with an iron. Place a thick towel over the wrinkled area. Lightly moisten the towel with a spray bottle or the steam button on the iron. Set the iron on a high setting. Place the iron on the towel. Apply a firm and steady amount of pressure with the Iron and iron in the direction of nap. Use a steam cleaner ff the rug is more severely wrinkled. Steam clean the rug and place it outside on a clothes line in the sun to dry.


Rugs tend to slide around on hardwood floor and this causes the rug to wrinkle or bunch up in certain spots. Place a few pieces of carpet tape on the bottom of the rug to secure the rug to the floor and to prevent wrinkles. If the rug is already wrinkled, stretch the carpet out as much as possible around the wrinkled area and place tape on the bottom side underneath the wrinkle. Place the carpet on the floor and continue smoothing out the wrinkles with your hand.


Placing books and other heavy objects over stubborn areas helps smooth out wrinkles and helps the rug lay more smoothly and flat against the floor. Stretch out the wrinkle and then lay a book or heavy object on the troubled spot. A book works well because it has a flat surface. Lay several books on top of each other to increase the weight. Leave the books on the area for several days.

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