How to Fix Wrinkled Comforters

Print this articleComforters serve practical and decorative purposes in a bedroom, and their performance varies by textile type. Although polyester comforters can endure heavy usage without wrinkling, natural-fiber comforters can become wrinkled if not smoothed and folded on a daily basis. Furthermore, a wrinkled comforter gives the impression of being dirty and could cause embarrassment if placed in a guest bedroom. Because comforter size makes them cumbersome to maintain, some people only attempt to clean and maintain their comforters once or twice a year.

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Wash your natural fiber comforter in a washing machine, even if the instructions say dry clean only. "Knack Clean Home, Green Home" author Kimberly Delaney says that such comforters can be washed in a standard washing machine and recommends running them through the rinse cycle twice before drying. You can also hand-wash your comforter's soiled spots under warm tap water with soap if an entire washing is not needed.


Dry your comforter on the lowest dryer setting. Monitor the drying process, and reset the dryer as needed. You can also hang the comforter outside on a clothesline to dry for several hours, weather permitting. The drying process -- whether heated dryer air or natural outdoors air -- removes the wrinkles.


Remove your comforter from the dryer, and place it on the bed immediately once the dryer stops in order to avoid wrinkles. You can also fold the comforter neatly for storage. Place an air-dried comforter on the bed or fold it immediately once you remove it from the clothesline.


Iron your comforter to remove wrinkles as an alternative to washing and drying it. Contact local fabric stores in your area, especially those with classroom space. Such classrooms generally include large worktables featuring electrical outlets. Some fabric stores might be willing to let you use the table to iron your comforter for free or for a small fee.

Tips & Warnings

Wash and dry your comforters at a laundromat if you do not have a washer and dryer.

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