How to Avoid Wrinkled Clothes

Avoid wrinkled clothes with proper care.

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Whether it be from leaving clothes in the dryer too long, or pulling them out of an over-stuffed drawer, wrinkles happen. They make clothes look old, worn and untidy. Taking proper care of your clothes can prevent wrinkles before they happen with just a few easy methods. Organize your closets and drawers, leaving ample room to place your clothes so they aren't all shoved together. It will save you time and trouble later on.

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Remove items from the dryer immediately after the cycle has finished to avoid wrinkles. The longer the clothes sit, the more they wrinkle. After removing them, smooth them out with your hands, fold them up properly and place in your drawers, careful not to over-stuff them.


Hang up clothing in the closet. They have less of a chance to wrinkle when they are hanging smoothly rather than being bunched up or stuffed in the back or a drawer.


Shake clothes well until you hear a popping or cracking sound. Do this a few times and smooth them out with your hands. Hang them up to prevent more wrinkles.


Use a warm cycle in the washing machine rather than hot. Avoid over-stuffing the machine. Too many items in the washer get squished with not enough room, causing wrinkles.


Spray a wrinkle release spray on clothes after removing from the dryer and pull on the fabric gently to release any wrinkles. Use a steam cycle on your dryer if available for extra wrinkle removing.

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