Classic Personal Hygiene, Health, Grooming & Body Care Films DVD

Classic Personal Hygiene, Health, Grooming & Body Care Films DVDTable of Contents:

(1) About Faces - Dental hygiene film that insinuates success in life is dependent upon how clean you keep your teeth. A funny and entertaining film to watch.

Length 00:10:22

(2) Body Care And Grooming (1948) - Heavy with sexist remarks, this hygiene film tells college students hot to wash every part of their bodies.

Length 00:17:03

(3) Care Of The Skin (1949) - Intended to scare young audiences into washing their faces by showing them some gruesome skin diseases. Continues on with the proper ways to wash the body.

Length 00:10:30

(4) Care Of The Hair (1951) - A fairy teaches young children how to wash their hair and how often to do it. At least once a week.

Length 00:09:45

(5) General Health Habits (ending is missing) (1928) - Personal hygiene film that explores the differences in cleanliness between city and country lifestyles.

Length 00:06:20

(6) Health: Your Cleanliness (1953) - Obsessive personal hygiene film using fear of disease to promote cleanliness.

Length 00:11:42

(7) How To Be Well Groomed (1949) - Film follows two perfectly clean children, who spend all of their free time grooming themselves.

Length 00:10:40

(8) Personal Hygiene (1950) - Follows Homer, a discussing and filthy US soldier, as his barrack mates sing folk songs that encourage Homer to live a more clean lifestyle. Absolutely bizarre film.

Length 00:33:07

(9) Preventing The Spread Of Disease (1940) - Scare tactics film using fear of disease contraction to promote clean water supplies and taking care the body. Surprisingly similar to what science tells us today. Good food and nutrition, and exercise will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Length 00:10:48

(10) Told By A Tooth (1939) - An animated tooth teaches children about the importance of dental care and brushing your teeth.

Length 00:10:21

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