How to Remove Wrinkles From Heavy Satin

Satin is a common fabric for wedding dresses.

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Satin is a type of fabric weave that produces a sturdy, shiny fabric. Heavy satin is a common choice for prom dresses, wedding dresses and ballgowns due to its stiffness and its luster, but like any fabric, it can wrinkle. While dry cleaning can take the wrinkles out of heavy satin, sometimes it is important to straighten the fabric while you are on the go and in a hurry. Keep your heavy satin looking good by ironing out the wrinkles carefully

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Lay the heavy satin fabric shiny side down on an ironing board.


Lay a towel over the top of the fabric.


Set the iron to the lowest heat setting and allow it to warm thoroughly.


Press the fabric flat by running the warm iron over the top of the towel..

Tips & Warnings

Be very careful about water near satin. While most satin is made from polyester or acetate, which repels water, a silk satin may absorb water, which removes the glossy natural coating of the silk.

Store your heavy satin garments in garment bags that can be hung rather than in boxes or suitcases to prevent the need for extensive ironing.

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