How to Remove the Wrinkles in a Polo Shirt Collar

Iron your collar and opt to wear it down or up.

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Polo shirts offer a clean-cut style that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Men and women can both rock this look, but one thing that can tarnish the appeal of polo shirts is a wrinkled collar. An iron and some starch will fix that, allowing you to reclaim that crisp style that is the signature of the polo shirt.

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Wash your polo shirt with laundry detergent, and dry on medium heat in your dryer. If the tag on the shirt advises to let it air dry, then let it air dry. Continue onto the next step if wrinkles in the collar are still present.


Set your iron to medium heat and allow it to warm up for two minutes. Place your shirt flat atop the ironing board and flip the collar up and out so that the outside of the collar is now flat on your board. Spray a layer of starch on the collar.


Press your iron down over the collar and run it up and down the length of the collar with gentle pressure for one minute. Never stop moving the iron or you can damage the fabric of your collar. Turn the shirt over, keeping the collar flipped up and out, spray on another layer of starch and iron the other side of the collar.


Unplug your iron and allow the garment to cool down. Spray the collar inside and out with one more light layer of starch and allow it to dry for one minute, then flip the collar down and wear your shirt, or leave it flipped up and wear it that way.

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