How to Smooth Wrinkled Carpet

Wrinkled carpet is a tripping danger.

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Properly installed and stretched carpet is not likely to wrinkle, bunch or gather, according to the Carpet and Rug Institute. Wrinkled carpet, on the other hand, presents a trip hazard for anyone in the room. To fix the wrinkles without replacing the entire piece of carpeting, stretching it back in place is the best option. Even though professionals can complete the project rather quickly, you can too with a few tools.

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Remove everything resting on the carpet, including furniture, toys, books and other items. Without objects weighing the carpet down, stretching the carpet is easier.


Remove three of the four edges of carpet from the tack strip holding it in place. Insert the flat-head screwdriver between the wall or baseboard and the carpet. Gently pry the carpet up and away from the tack strip. Leave one edge attached to the tack strip to secure the carpet while also providing leverage on the carpet during stretching.


Pull the carpet up and away from the floor and roll it toward the fastened edge of the carpet. If the carpet padding is wrinkled or bunched, straighten it flat before proceeding.


Roll the carpet back out into the flat position. Place the power stretcher in the center of the tack-stripped edge of the carpet.


Open the carpet stretcher and extend its arm until it reaches about 6 inches from the opposite side of the room. Insert the teeth of the head into the carpet to hold it in place.


Stretch the carpet by pressing the stretcher's lever down. Once the carpet is stretched tight, place it on the tack strip to hold it in place.


Lift the lever up and reposition the power stretcher 15 to 18 degrees to the left. Stretch the carpet and reattach it to the tack strip. Lift the lever up and reposition another 15 to 18 degrees to the right of the original placement. Repeat steps 5 through 7 on the other two edges of the carpet to stretch its width.


Cut any excess carpet along the wall, using the utility knife and yardstick to keep the cut straight. Tuck the edges of the carpet back into the space between the carpet edge and the wall, known as the gully.

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Power stretchers are available for rent or purchase at home improvement or tool rental centers.

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