How to Keep a Blanco Sink Looking New

Regular cleaning can help make your sink look new again.

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Regular cleaning helps Blanco sinks maintain a new, fresh appearance. The exact care instructions vary, depending on your type of Blanco sink. The Silgranite II sinks are made of 80 percent granite. They are designed to be scratch-resistant, but they may require some minor scouring to remove stains. The stainless steel sinks might require occasional polishing or buffing to remove scratch marks and maintain shine.

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Rinse the sink thoroughly after each use to remove soap film. Wipe it dry with a clean cloth.


Pour a nonabrasive cleaner on a wet sponge and scrub the sink daily to keep it looking new. Rinse well and dry it with a cloth.


Pour a mildly abrasive cleaner on a soft, wet scouring pad and scrub gently to remove stains. Rinse well.


Mix a solution of 50 percent water and 50 percent bleach to remove stubborn stains. Dip a cloth in the solution and place the cloth on the stain. Do not wring the excess solution out of the cloth. Wait 30 minutes before rinsing. Scrub gently at the spot with a dish detergent. Rinse well.

Stainless Steel Blanco Sinks1

Rinse the stainless steel well after each use and dry it with a clean cloth. Drying it after use helps to reduce the appearance of water spots and mineral buildup.


Use a mild, nonabrasive soap or a specially formulated stainless steel cleaner to remove food marks and other stains. Wet a soft sponge with warm water, add the cleaner and scrub the area. Rinse well.


Add a stainless steel polish to a damp cloth to polish your stainless steel sink and help maintain its appearance. Apply the polish in the direction of the grain. Rinse well and buff with a soft cloth.


Remove minor scratches with a soft scouring pad and a nonabrasive cleaner. Apply in the direction of the grain. Cover the entire sink surface to avoid dulling the finish. Rinse well.


Remove severe scratches with a pumice rubbing compound, available in many hardware stores. Rub in the direction of the grain.

Tips & Warnings

Do not use highly abrasive cleaners on your Blanco sink. Avoid using cleaning products that contain chlorine or hydrochloric acid. Do not clean the sink with steel wool.

Place knives carefully in the sink to avoid scratching.

Do not pour paint down the Blanco sink. If there is paint residue in the sink, remove it with rubbing alcohol.

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