How to Keep Your Perm Looking Nice

Permed hair needs gentle care to keep it healthy.

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In the initial weeks after you perm your hair, you probably enjoy the abundance of healthy-looking curls and waves. As time goes by, your perm may fade and frizz as it begins to grow out. Use high-quality products and watch how you style your hair to keep your perm looking nice. As your perm grows out, take simple steps to extend its beauty for as long as possible.

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Shampoo your hair every second or third day to prevent excessive drying. Use products designed for permed hair because these products usually have extra moisturizing ingredients. The products may also protect your permed hair from sunlight and the drying effects of wind.


Condition your hair every day with a conditioner designed for permed hair to add daily moisture to your hair. Use the conditioner after washing on the days you shampoo or use the conditioner alone.


Towel-dry your hair gently after shampooing or conditioning. Avoid rubbing your hair roughly with the towel, instead blotting the moisture from your hair carefully.


Apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair, spraying or working the product through your hair from the roots to the tips. The leave-in conditioner will help add extra gloss to your hair with more moisturizers. Apply the leave-in conditioner daily after shampooing or conditioning.


Comb your hair gently with the wide-tooth comb to remove tangles. Do not tug or pull roughly as you detangle; instead comb gently to avoid breaking your hair. Hair can break more easily after perming.


Apply an alcohol-free styling gel after detangling. Coat your hair evenly with the product to add extra shine and control.


Allow your hair to air-dry without blow-drying, if possible. Blow-drying your hair with heat can lead to hair damage, especially after perming. If you must blow-dry, apply a moisturizing serum to your hair before using the blow dryer. Attach a diffuser to the end of the blow dryer to minimize the heat exposure on your hair and use a cool setting on the blow dryer. Stop blow-drying before your hair dries completely.


Trim your hair frequently to remove split ends. Strive to have the ends trimmed about every two months to keep your hair looking healthy.

Tips & Warnings

Hair products that contain alcohol can dry your hair out, especially after perming. Using alcohol-free products should help maintain moisture in your hair.

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