Removing Wrinkles From a Wedding Dress

Removing the wrinkles from your wedding dress is a process that demands the utmost care.

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The wedding day is one of the most important days in a person’s life. The wedding dress is a symbol of the event and the bride’s beauty. Families pass down the same wedding dress to be worn by the bride throughout generations. Different techniques are available to remove the wrinkles from the dress before the next bride wears it. It’s important to perform wrinkle removal carefully because a mistake can cause damage to the dress.

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When applied to clothing, steam helps remove wrinkles that have affected the fabric. Hang your wedding gown in the bathroom, on the back of the door. Make sure it is flat against the back of the door, tying it down if needed. Turn on the shower using only hot water and allow it to run, creating a steamy, sauna-like atmosphere. Slowly press the wrinkles out of the dress using your hands. Be sure to wear long sleeves or keep your arms wrapped in towels to prevent sweat from dripping onto the gown.

Professional Services

Contact the store from which you purchased your bridal gown. Many of these locations offer professional services which include cleaning and wrinkle removal. For a fee, they are willing to service your dress for use once again. You can also contact dry cleaning locations in your area. Be sure to ask about insurance in the event of damage to the dress while it is in their care.

Hand-Held Steaming

Turn the dress inside out and lay it down over a flat surface such as an ironing board or a table. Fill an iron with water and turn it on high to use the steam function. Wrap a towel around the bottom of the iron to keep water from dripping on the dress and to control how much steam affects the fabric. Gently press the iron against the fabric while using your hands to remove the wrinkles from the clothing. Avoid holding the iron over any portion of the dress for too long but go slow enough to be able to removal all the wrinkles that you see. Steaming the wrinkles out yourself should be your last option if you need to remove wrinkles from a dress.

Preventing Wrinkles

It’s important to prevent wrinkles from affecting your dress in the first place by using proper care techniques. Avoid folding the dress. Hang the gown on a hanger and place it in a garment bag. If you need to transport the dress before the wedding, driving with it flat on the back seat will help keep wrinkles out of the fabric. If you need to fly on an airplane with the dress, be prepared to take it to a professional to have the wrinkles that will occur during transport removed.

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