How to Fix Wrinkled Corduroy Pants

Gentle ironing can help remove wrinkles from your corduroy pants.

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Related to moleskin and velveteen, corduroy is a weft pile fabric whose manufacture is considered an art form. The attention to detail that goes into creating a corduroy garment translates into specific demands for the fabric's care. Everyday wear and tear can wrinkle corduroy, yet its delicate nature rules out simply tossing the garment into the dryer. Common household equipment, used with caution, can help take out wrinkles in corduroy pants.

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Iron the corduroy pants very gently. Avoid letting the weight of the iron sit on the fabric, because this may only set the wrinkles more deeply. Instead, use a "low impact" pressing technique. Flip the garment inside out to start. Iron it using only the tip of the iron, lifting it off the fabric and delicately pressing it back down, until the wrinkle is released.


Steam press the garment. This mild technique can force out wrinkles without damaging the corduroy's texture. Follow this by brushing the corduroy with a fabric brush.


Hang the clothing for a couple of days. When corduroy pants are left in a closet, the wrinkles should eventually fall away.


Wash the corduroy pants. If you would like to hand-wash the garment, flip it inside out first, then ensure that the detergent has completely dissolved in the water before beginning to wash. For machine washes, turn the garment inside out as well. Load fewer clothes than usual into the washer, and set the cycle for the lowest rotation speed and lowest temperature possible. After either washing method, hang the pants to dry.

Tips & Warnings

Never tumble dry corduroy clothing; it can damage the clothes, make them shrink or set new wrinkles into the fabric. Also avoid concentrated detergents or bleaching agents, which can damage corduroy's unique fabric.

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