How to Fix Wrinkled Clothes With No Iron

Print this articleClothing irons can scorch and burn the most delicate fabrics. They're time-consuming to use and even more time-consuming to perfect the use of. Novices know how easy it is to iron wrinkles into clothes rather than out of them. Use alternative methods to ironing to get wrinkles out of clothes.

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Open the lid of your steamer, and fill the chamber up with water. Leave the steamer unplugged while you are filling it up. Replace the lid on the steamer, and plug it in.


Let it sit for several minutes to allow the heat to turn the water into steam. You'll know it's ready when you start to see steam coming from the spout of the steamer.


Put a garment you want to dewrinkle on a hanger, and hang it up on the top of an open door.


Run the steamer against the fabric slowly, from top to bottom. Gently tug on the bottom of the garment to allow the steam to penetrate and remove the wrinkles. Go over all areas of the garment that are wrinkled in this way. For a piece of clothing made with thick fabric like wool, insert the steamer underneath the fabric, and steam from the inside-out rather than the outside-in.


Unplug the steamer to turn it off once your garment is no longer wrinkled. Allow it to completely cool down, and then open the lid to empty out any remaining water in the chamber.

Hair Dryer1

Dampen the wrinkled area of your garment with water.


Hang the garment on a hanger, and then hang the hanger at the top of a door.


Plug in your blow dryer, and turn it on at a high heat setting. Apply the blow dryer to the wrinkled area of your garment while gently pulling on it with your free hand. When the garment is dry, the wrinkles will be gone.

Machine Dryer1

Dampen a towel.


Put the damp towel and wrinkled garment in the machine dryer.


Turn the dryer on a medium to high setting, and set the timer for five to 10 minutes. The length of time needed depends on your dryer and your garment. Check after five minutes to see if the wrinkles are removed; if not, set the dryer for another five minutes.

Tips & Warnings

You can also use the steam from a hot shower, though this is not very effective for deep wrinkles. Turn on the shower, and close all doors and windows in the bathroom. Hang the garment on the towel bar or curtain rod. Let the shower run for approximately 10 minutes, and gently pull on the fabric to release light wrinkles.

Steam can burn skin, just like a hot iron. Do not let children use the hand-held steamer, and be careful to keep your skin away from the steam jet.

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