How to Fix a Wrinkled Bra

An unwrinkled bra enhances your enticing appearance.

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Provided you are not wearing your bra on the outside, people tend not to see the wrinkles in your bra. However, during intimate occasions you want to keep your bras looking their best. Besides, a wrinkled bra can cause discomfort. Regardless, you need not fret: If you have a wrinkled bra, you can easily remove the wrinkle with common materials in your home.

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Wash your bra by hand or in the washing machine.


Lay the wet bra on a flat table. On one cup, cover the non-wrinkled area with your non-dominant hand. Use your other hand to press down on the wrinkled areas on that cup. Press down with multiple thrusts until the wrinkles have flattened. Repeat for the other cup.


Dry the bra in a clothes dryer.


Observe the dried bra for wrinkles. It is possible that the wrinkles are gone at this step. If you still observe wrinkles, move on to the next step.


Apply a hair straightener to the wrinkled areas. Using a heated hair straightener, clasp the wrinkled area in the bra for around one second. From that area, move the hair straightener slowly outward, toward one edge of the bra. Repeat this process until all wrinkles have disappeared.

Tips & Warnings

If you find that some of your bras are often wrinkled, it is possible that you are wearing a cup size not suitable for your body; try wearing bras with smaller cup sizes.

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