How to Fix Wrinkled Pants

There are faster ways to fix wrinkles in pants than ironing.

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If you have enough time, you can easily iron or steam the wrinkles from your pants. Even if you are careful to remove your pants from the dryer before they have time to wrinkle and you hang them carefully in your closet, they can become wrinkled. Next time you’re running short on time, you can remove these wrinkles in less than five minutes.

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Place the wrinkled pants inside the dryer. Read the care instructions on the pants label to determine what dryer temperature is best to use.


Wet a clean sock and throw it into the dryer with your wrinkled pants.


Place a sheet of fabric softener into the dryer with your wet sock and wrinkled pants.


Turn the dryer to the correct setting and allow your pants, wet sock and fabric softener sheet to dry for approximately five minutes.


Remove pants from the dryer. The wrinkles will be gone and your pants are ready to wear.

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