Copic techniques

Copic markers are available in a variety of colors.

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Originally Copic markers for designers, are refillable, alcohol-based dye ink marks with interchangeable tips and springs ideal for consistent color production and blending. Available in Copic, wide, sketch and ciao classified varieties, Copic marker name are included on the basis of brightness and colour a wide range of the color spectrum. Due to the versatility of Copic marker, the media for Visual Arts, Visual Arts and crafts is techniques.

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Tonal sketch mimics a natural play of color with bright tone marks to a structure with fine later defined to provide sharp sketch or ciao markers. Starting with a basic outline in a light color, fitting the undertone of the subject, medium dark colors are to create Visual depth. Light and dark colors produce highlights imitates natural play of shadows on the subject. As a finishing touch fine lines with a brush are compounded end of Copic marker.

Similar colors mix

Color is one of the most important assets of Copic marker. The transparency of the color allows not only shade, but the creation of custom colors. For help in choosing the right colors for seamless color to blend, Copic categorized colors blend families together or with other fill methods groups used. For example, it coordinates BG10 light blue with other colors in the BG, or blue-green, family, including BG11, BG13, BG15 and BG18 which are progressively darker shades. You use similar color mixing, color on the brightest first before applying of gentle of darker tone. Along the route, where the colors match, the lighter color connects removes all stripes.

Mix different colours

Copic markers of different color are mixed with a loose soft technique to smooth transition between the families. Turnout adds color to the desktop without saturation of the area. Starting with a marker, is the first color applied and feathered at the edges, the second color is added. The second colour is feathers from the opposite direction to the edge of the first as well. To create a faded effect than a color transitions in the next, the marker is dismounted, tip as the stroke is complete.

Replacing grey black

Fill with black marker on solid areas makes the image seem one-dimensional and ruins fine lines. To avoid mishaps with black colour grey Copic markers using, to the subtle blend of black to imitate for a more realistic representation. Available in 44 colours between light and dark, to a base with an additional 08: 52 create 06: 54, combined shades of gray, gray-scale used for shading. Warm colours provide a brown tone to create natural topics, such as trees or earth. Cool shades of gray have a bluish tone ideal to create metal objects. Add opaque white at the corners of a metal for a shiny appearance theme.

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