How to Keep Your Lip Line From Fading

Apply lip liner to dry lips to keep it from smudging.

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Lip liner accentuates the natural curve of a woman’s mouth, drawing attention to her smile. However, after meticulously applying the liner in the morning, cups of coffee and lunch have made it almost disappear by mid-afternoon. Reapplication on the fly is not always possible, making seeking a solution to keep your lip liner intact a more feasible answer. Correct preparation and application of the lip liner and lipstick makes both stay longer.

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Scrub your lips gently with an exfoliating face wash. Work the cleanser into your lips and wipe it away with a damp cloth. Exfoliating the lips removes dead skin cell and creates a soft, supple layer for your lip liner to adhere to.


Pat your lips dry and cover them with a thin layer of liquid concealer. Work the concealer into your lips and wipe away any excess with the damp cloth. Choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than your lip color.


Apply your lipstick before the lip liner. Once your lipstick is expertly applied, create a thin line around your lips with the lip liner. Use a dampened cotton swab to fix any errors and allow your lips to dry.


Cover your lips with a light coating of translucent powder. Dab the powder onto your lips to remove moisture and excess oils from your mouth. This keeps both products in place longer.

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