How to Make a Foot Scrub to Remove Dead Skin

Use a foot scrub to keep your feet looking and feeling healthy.

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Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that build up over time. On our feet, dry, cracked skin can become irritating, especially on the heels. Using a foot scrub to gently remove these cells not only makes your feet look better but they will feel better as well. Although over-the-counter foot scrubs are available, you can also make your own lime-scented scrub using natural ingredients.

Related Searches:Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need3 limes2 tbsp. white sugar5 drops lime essential oil1 tbsp. sweet almond oilSuggest Edits1

Peel the limes, and cut them into chunks. Place the lime pieces into a food processor, and pulse until reduced to pulp and juice.


Add sugar, lime essential oil and sweet almond oil, and blend the ingredients together briefly.


Apply the liquid to your feet, rubbing each foot with the mixture. Rinse with warm water, and apply a moisturizing lotion to your feet afterward. Refrigerate the leftover scrub in a sealed container.

Tips & Warnings

If stored properly, the scrub should keep for approximately seven days.

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