How to Remove Dead Dry Leaves on a Calathea Makoyana

Print this articleThe Calathea Makoyana is also known as the peacock plant because of its striking decorative leaves. This plant originated in Brazil and is accustomed to a tropical climate that is difficult to duplicate in other climates, such as in the U.S. It is important to prune the plant to improve its overall health as dead leaves will stagnate growth and lead to the further dulling of colors. If you remove the dead leaves from the right location, they will regenerate and remain healthy.

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Run your hands through the plant and find the leaves that have only partial discoloring -- these do not need to be completely removed.


Cut the yellow or brown section from the deteriorating leaves with a pair of sharp scissors, leaving a very small amount of yellow. Cut the area at the same angle of the leaf, rounding off the sides to retain the leaf shape. If you cut into the green part of the leaf, this can cause more decay.


Search again for any leaves that are completely or mostly yellow, or even brown. These must be removed entirely.


Hold the leaf at the point where the bottom stem and leaf connect. Cut the stem as close as you can to where it meets the leaf.

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