What can you do to fix folds in putting up wallpaper murals?

Photographic murals can be a space add characters.

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Wallpaper is an exciting opportunity, setting up your tired walls change. Wallpaper murals use computer technology to create enlarged images on sections of wallpaper. Murals can give your simple room atmospheric depth and creative interest. The sections fit poster size together to create a whole image. Wrinkles may sometimes occur as you your mural on the wall. To prevent wrinkles, certain wall must be followed preparations and hanging techniques, although the wrinkles mounting is possible.

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Follow wall preparation steps and wallpaper to avoid wrinkles mural hanging instructions. Holes must be repaired and walls must be smooth and clean. Mural section placed hang after measuring and marking the wall starting in the first section of a corner. The wallpaper can reduce the following tips mural wrinkles.


Remove each mural wallpaper section with a damp sponge or a soft roller wrinkles that appear when you start your application process to smooth out. Be careful the paper fold, how it on the wall.


Press a large spatula on the edges which meets your mural other walls, floor and ceiling for wrinkles remove, and drag the sections flat. If you remove the wrinkles in this way, keep in mind, keep the sections overlapped by approximately 2 mm to shrinkage to record you, that occurs during the drying process.


Cut sharp knife crisp all overhanging edges with one, and even the mural again with a sponge or a roller. A perfectly balanced mural with wiederholter smooth or roles be correct usually folds, hang arose during the process.

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You make small razor cuts along lines close to remove stubborn creases on your mural. Trade flows will reduce cut along the lines, if you look at it.


Drag the wallpaper on the cut lines. Additional glue apply, the small areas that you have peeled off the wall.


Even the wallpaper into place with a sponge or a scooter, and remove all excess adhesive. This method can cause that small overlaps in your wall painting pattern, but are likely undetectable on show

Tips & warnings

Use no excessive water, as it can ruin the pressure on your mural.

Sparingly apply adhesives because excess adhesives promote formation of wrinkles.

Using a plumb line wall painting straight hanging, because your walls might not square.

Cut never in your hand with a razor knife.

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