What Is an Easy Way to Remove Dead Skin on Your Feet?

Soften dry skin with a long soak in warm water.

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Change in the weather, low humidity in the home, vitamin deficiency and diabetes are all causes of dry skin on the feet. While removing the dead skin is possible, there is no quick fix. In fact, removing large calluses of dried skin at one time can result in bleeding and possible infection. Instead, the dead skin must be removed over the course of days or weeks. The process itself is not difficult, but it does require a commitment to regular treatment.

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Scrub the dead skin lightly with a pumice stone. Do not try to remove all of the dead skin at once.


Soak your feet for 10 to 20 minutes in warm water. If you do not have time to soak your feet separately, allow the tub to fill up as you take a shower. Remember to rinse your feet thoroughly to remove all soap residue.


Apply an oil-based foot scrub and rinse your feet in cool water to remove any exfoliating granules. The oil in the foot scrub remains on your feet and acts as a moisturizer.


Wear cotton socks to trap the oil on your skin and enhance the moisturizing effect.


Repeat the process two to three times a week until the dry skin is removed completely.

Tips & Warnings

Wash and rinse the pumice stone after every use to remove dead skin cells and bacteria.

Apply a foot cream after every shower to prevent the recurrence of dry skin.

Make homemade foot scrub with 1 cup of Epsom salts or sea salt and 1/2 cup of baby oil.

Do not apply the foot scrub while in the shower. The oil will make it difficult to stand.

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