Reducing Sleep Lines on Your Face

Some sleeping positions cause sleep lines.

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Sleep lines on the face form due to years of sleeping in the same position. As you age, the sleep lines gradually stop fading soon after waking and the lines become permanent on your face and chest. There are a few ways to reduce sleep lines on the face, such as changing sleeping positions, pillows and pillowcase materials.

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The best way to reduce lines in the face caused by sleeping is to sleep on your back. Sleeping on the back eliminates all lines and wrinkles in the skin caused by pillows, pillowcases and sleeping positions, as there is no chance for the skin on the face to crease when lying face upwards. To sleep comfortably on your back, use a fluffy pillow under the knees to reduce pressure on the back or a small rolled towel under the neck.

Change Sleeping Positions

While most people enjoy burying their heads in a pillow after a long and grueling day, this comfortable practice actually causes sleep wrinkles. Pressing your head and face against the pillow night after night causes creases in your skin that eventually become permanent lines. One way of reducing these sleep lines in your face is to change your sleeping position throughout the night. People uncomfortable with sleeping on their back may want to turn from side to side, which reduces the development of sleep lines.

Fluffy Pillows

Firm cotton pillows aid in the development of sleep lines, as the pillows tend to take shape and crease from the pressure of our faces. This pressure pulls the skin and causes folds and creases in the skin after long periods, leaving depressions better known as sleep lines. To reduce sleep lines from firm cotton pillows, use soft and fluffy pillows that are beneficial for eliminating unwanted pressure, creases and folds on the skin.

Satin Pillowcases

Cotton pillowcases also aid in the development of sleep lines. Typically, cotton absorbs the natural oil from our skin, creating dry skin that ages quickly. Much like cotton pillows, cotton pillowcases also crease easily, causing pressure and depressions on the face. To reduce sleep lines from pillowcases, replace your cotton pillowcases with satin or synthetic pillowcases that glide over the skin.

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